Carolinas HealthCare System

As part of Carolinas HealthCare System, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute works closely with Levine Children’s Hospital, also part of Carolinas HealthCare System, to bring the most advanced transplant care available to young patients in the Carolinas and beyond.

Our world-class care team includes a diverse group of practitioners, who each provide unique benefits to the patient’s treatment. In addition to the core team of the transplant surgeon, cardiologist, transplant nurses and transplant coordinator, the group includes respiratory therapists, dietitians, transplant pharmacists, child psychiatrists, child life specialists and physical therapists.

The Pediatric Transplant Program at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute

The pediatric transplant program at Sanger includes inpatient and outpatient care for pediatric patients. Patients will undergo a thorough pre-transplant evaluation as well as an echocardiogram and cardiac catheterization.

After receiving a new heart, patients receive around-the-clock inpatient care for seven to 14 days. Following discharge, regular monitoring is essential to prevent infection and rejection of the new heart.

Your Stay at Levine Children’s Hospital

Our staff does everything possible to create a welcoming, comfortable environment that is focused on our patients and their families. During your stay, families and patients will have access to a library, a playroom and a family consult room. Services include:

  • Financial counselors
  • Program teacher to help the patient transition back to school
  • Social workers
  • A transplants coordinator to help the family through the entire transplant process