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Patient Stories

ACHD Patient Videos
See how the physicians at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, part of Carolinas HealthCare System, performed an advanced valve replacement procedure to help Christopher Carlson overcome a congenital heart ailment. (3:27)
Ron McGuirt experienced an aortic tear - a condition that is almost 100 percent fatal. The story of this "miracle patient" demonstrates the power of a team who literally brought him back. (5:07)
This story documents the journey of Al Taylor from his diagnosis of a congenital heart defect, his surgery performed by Dr. Benjamin Peeler of Carolinas HealthCare System, and his rehab and training that led to him finishing a half-marathon just 138 days after his surgery. (4:43)
The Wilson family from Switzerland traveled to Charlotte, NC and  Levine Children's Hospital, a part of Carolinas HealthCare System, to get the surgery their teenage son needed. (3:22)
Christine Jordan shares her story of the heart attack that almost took her life, but didn't, thanks to the care teams at Carolinas HealthCare System. (3:50)
Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program helps individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, restrictive pulmonary disease, asthma and other conditions which cause breathing disorders. (2:49)

Clinical Excellence

ACHD Patient Videos
The congenital heart disease program at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute in Charlotte, NC, provides specialized care for the full spectrum of congenital heart defects. As part of Carolinas HealthCare System, Sanger offers expert heart care to the Carolinas and beyond. (4:24)
Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute is transforming the delivery of care with only one goal in mind - better outcomes for everyone.
Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute has brought innovative and life-saving heart care to the Carolinas for more than 50 years. Paul Colavita, MD, explains how patient outcomes are the driving force behind offering the best care possible. (2:49)
Healthy and active Robert Wansker was shocked to learn he needed triple bypass surgery. He was referred to Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute and its open heart surgery program that is ranked among the best in the nation by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. (2:31)
Dr. William Downey, interventionalist cardiologist, and Dr. Charles Bridges, cardiothoracic surgeon, discuss the latest advancement in heart valve replacement. The new technology allows a heart valve to be implanted through a small incision in the groin. (3:15)
Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute surgeons recently helped surgeons from Belize to perform the first two open heart surgeries ever in the country. (5:29)