Tips for Creating a Safe Baby Registry

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your baby bump is growing, you’ve (maybe) picked out a name, and you’ve told your family and friends that you’re expecting. Now, you get to pick out your nursery decorations, newborn fashion and baby transportation items – by building a registry for your baby shower! There are so many baby items these days that it may be a little overwhelming to figure out what’s right for your family. So, when you’re tagging tiny booties and pacifiers, keep these baby safety tips in mind to help you decide!

  1. Health Basics – Nail clippers: Babies soothe themselves by touching their own faces. Use an emery board to file the nails or carefully use nail clippers to trim your baby’s finger and toe nails regularly to avoid any accidental cuts.
    Baby thermometers: The first thing your pediatrician will ask when you call is whether your little one has a fever. Having a rectal thermometer will ensure an accurate read during a high-stress moment.
  2. Keep it Clean – Don’t forget to grab important bath time tools. Register for a water thermometer (bath water for babies is not nearly as warm as what mom and dad prefer in the shower or tub) and spout cover to prevent bumps or scrapes on the tub spout.
    Also check your water heater, which should be set below 120° to avoid burns. Leave scented bath soap and detergents for the grown-ups. Newborn skin is sensitive and tends to fare better with unscented products.
  3. Caravan Carefully – Invest in a good car seat and multiple bases. Safely transporting your baby will be so much easier if you have an infant car seat base always installed in the cars of both parents, and any family members or caregivers that will regularly be chauffeuring your little one. Take a class before the baby comes to make sure you’re properly installing your car seat.
    And carefully consider any hand-me-down car seats you’re gifted. If the car seat doesn’t have the most up-to-date restraints, is past its expiration date or has ever been in an accident, don’t risk using it.
  4. Crib Chic – Yes, a decked-out crib is adorable. But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a more minimalist look for baby bedding – just a mattress and a crib sheet. Putting bumpers and toys in the crib actually raises the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, rather than keeping baby safe.
    And while an antique crib may seem sweet and sentimental, they also come with some dangerous deficiencies, like drop sides that could leave your baby open to falls. In this case, newer really is better.

Every baby is different. Yours may love tummy time or be a world-class clinger. And expert guidelines for child safety are constantly being updated. If you have questions about what items to purchase for your baby or whether a gift you receive is safe, discuss them with your pediatrician!

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