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Class of 2016

Sheri Jamal Sheri Jamal
Undergraduate: Baylor University
Medical School: University of Texas at San Antonio
Ryan Meintz Ryan Meintz
Undergraduate: Truman State University
Medical School: University of Missouri


Class of 2017

Nelius Macharia Nelius Macharia
Undergraduate:  Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Eric Wilder Eric Wilder
Undergraduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine


Class of 2018

Keri Payne Keri Payne
Undergraduate: Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
Medical School: Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
Thanh Truong Thanh Truong
Undergraduate: Boston University
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine



Class of 2000
Dino Kanelos, MD
Elisabeth Mock, DO

Class of 2001
Christopher Chao, MD
Katrina Verde, MD

Class of 2002
Jody Dale Holler, MD
James L. Carlson, MD

Class of 2004
Laura Lake Lupton, MD
Clanford Johnson, MD
Tammy L. Boyd, MD

Class of 2005
Kelly Levi, MD
Daniel Campo, MD

Class of 2006
Peter Fotinos, MD
Takie Hondros, MD

Class of 2007
Jacques Laguerre, MD
Erin Mullins, DO

Class of 2008
Jeff Hutchings, MD
Jaime Wise, MD

Class of 2009
Alex Borun, MD
Donna LaMarque, MD

Class of 2010
MaShira Jackson, MD
Lindsey Rich, MD

Class of 2011
Chara Freeman, DO
Doug Gleaton, MD

Class of 2012
Liz Bradley, DO
Tadeja Urbas, MD

Class of 2013
Jamalia David, MD
Rebecca Burson, MD
Nicole Brooks, MD

Class of 2014
Brittany Baird, DO
Marc Guerra, MD

Class of 2015
April Corley, MD
Shannel Pegram, DO
David Small, MD