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Below are links to information about conditions affecting our patients. This list is provided as a convenience and does not necessarily imply a relationship with Carolinas Rehabilitation.

Brain Injury

Emergency Preparedness Resources:

Additional considerations for persons with brain injury:

  • Consider having a list or wallet card that lists any physical, cognitive, or emotional difficulties in the event that the person with brain injury is separated from their caregiver and cannot speak to their disabilities
  • If purchasing food for an evacuation, be sure to keep in mind any special diet restrictions that have to be followed such as diabetic diet, altered consistencies of solids and liquids, and tube feedings
  • Be mindful of medications that are sensitive to heat and consider having a cooler or ice packs available
  • The stress of an emergency situation may result in the person with a brain injury becoming more easily agitated, impulsive, or emotional. Caregivers should be prepared to provide the person with brain injury with reassurance that there is a plan in place and to provide emotional support as needed. Persons with cognitive impairments who have to be away from their normal environment may benefit from having a daily schedule to follow to help them feel more stable in a new environment

Spinal Cord Injury

Emergency Preparedness Resources: