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Often, keeping up to date on healthcare issues is difficult; sorting fact from fiction may be even more so.

To help our website visitors stay up to date, we offer informative discussions of recent medical news with our physicians and others in the medical community in a convenient audio format. These podcasts can be heard at your desktop or downloaded to your iPod, phone or PDA so you can listen at a time convenient to you. Please check back regularly as new podcasts are added to the site.

CMC Podcast, Healthcare Reform Medical Necessity Discussion
Dr. Vish Raj, Associate Medical Director at Carolinas Rehabilitation - Main and Associate Medical Director of Admissions, and Suzanne Snyder, Administrative Director at Carolinas Rehabilitation - Mercy, discuss the medical necessities for the inpatient settings.
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CMC Podcast, Healthcare Reform Healthcare Reform
CHS President and Chief Operating Officer Joe Piemont discusses the Supreme Court decision about the Affordable Care Act and the effect it will likely have on Carolinas HealthCare and our patients.
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CMC Podcast, Domestic Violence Domestic Violence
Twenty-five percent of American women will experience domestic violence at some time. But it can also affect men, children and the elderly. CMC Emergency Department nurses are specially trained to help such patients.
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CMC Podcast, Trauma Trauma: When Every Second Counts
Trauma is the most common cause of death and disability in people of all ages. For these most seriously injured patients, every second counts; reducing the amount of time between the traumatic event and when the patient receives medical treatment can make a life-changing difference.

Since 1990, Carolinas Medical Center has served the greater Charlotte region as the area's only Level I Trauma Center. Today, CMC is among three CMC Trauma Centers in the Charlotte region and is one of just six Level I Trauma Centers in North Carolina. Listen as Michael Thomason, MD, discusses the history and nature of trauma care and what it means to those who suffer serious injuries.
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 CHS podcast Local Philanthropies Form New Coalition for Cancer Research
Eight philanthropic organizations and families in the Charlotte region have joined forces to create the Carolinas Kids Cancer Research Coalition, which is providing funding for the introduction of Phase I and Phase II clinical cancer trials at Levine Children's Hospital. Learn more about what this gift means to CHS -- and to children through our region. Updated 3.16.2010
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CHS Board Chair Discusses Executive Pay
In 2007, the N.C. General Assembly amended the law so as to make certain information about the compensation of select executive officers of public hospitals available to the public. In this podcast, Board Chair James E.S. Hynes answers detailed questions about how the Board sets and monitors executive compensation at Carolinas HealthCare System. Updated: 1.13.2009
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 Podcast icon Medical Residencies Respond to Boomer Impact
Medical education - the training of new physicians - is being challenged to respond to increasing demand for medical care and a decreasing number of doctors. Both are related to the Baby Boom generation. As these Americans born between 1946 and 1964 and who number nearly 80 million reach retirement age and beyond, their use of health services are projected to escalate at a time when there may be fewer to meet their needs. James McDeavitt, MD, Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research, discusses this challenge and what Carolinas Medical Center and our sister institutions are doing to help meet these changing needs. Updated 12.02.2009
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 Podcast icon Carolinas HealthCare System Steele Creek to Feature Freestanding ED, Additional Doctors' Offices
In November 2009, the Steele Creek community of Charlotte will have a brand new emergency department and new medical practices as the new Carolinas HealthCare System Steele Creek health pavilion opens its doors. Listen as Debra Eident of Carolinas HealthCare System Steele Creek discusses how this new concept in healthcare will increase access for area residents.
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 Podcast icon Chief Medical Officer on flu, CHS response
The flu has reached the Carolinas and is infecting people, leaving them with coughs, congestion, body aches and fever. Dr. Roger Ray, Chief Medical Officer of Carolinas HealthCare System talks about flu and how Carolinas HealthCare has prepared to handle it.
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Podcast icon Local reporter discusses battle against breast cancer
WCNC-TV reporter Ann Sheridan was used to reporting on the story, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to turn the camera on herself to help raise awareness of this disease. The decision to make her battle against cancer public along with the decision to have a mastectomy were hers alone, but she relied heavily on her treatment team at Blumenthal Cancer Center and others for answers to her many questions before making that decision. Updated 9.01.2009

In her honor, Ann's Fund to support mammograms for indigent women was created. Support Ann's Fund
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Podcast icon Making Strides Against Cancer
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly half of all men and a little over one third of all women in the United States will develop cancer during their lifetimes. While the war on cancer is far from over, physicians and scientists continue to make progress in the treatment of cancer. Gary Frenette, MD, of Blumenthal Cancer Center discusses the advances - and some setbacks - and says the recent news has been mostly positive. Updated 8.03.2009
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Podcast icon Making Healthy Choices Makes Sense (And Dollars)
Everyone knows they should take steps to get healthy; but what if your employer offered an extra incentive -- cash? Thanks to a new program at Carolinas HealthCare System, employees can reduce their health insurance premiums, just by making more healthful choices and showing progress. It's a program that can work for any company. Updated 7.01.2009
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Podcast icon Keep Summer Safe, Fun
For children just out of school for summer break, the long days of summer seem just one delight after another -- days spent splashing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline or riding a bicycle through the park. But summer fun can also bring injury. Listen as we reprise last summer's podcast as injury prevention experts from Levine Children's Hospital discuss ways to make summer safer for you and your child. Updated 6.05.2009
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CHS Podcast
Sleep and Your Health
Sleep disorders affect 60 million Americans - nearly 20 percent of the population. Here, Urvi Desai, MD, of Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute - Neurology discusses sleep disorders and their impact on our health. Carolinas Sleep Medicine has many convenient locations in the Charlotte region where experts can diagnose and treat these problems. Updated 5.04.2009
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Heartburn or Heart Attack?
Not every chest pain signals a heart attack. But how can you know if it is a heart attack or just that garbage pizza? Two physicians discuss accredited chest pain centers like those at many Carolinas Medical Centers, as well as the Code STEMI program of rapidly moving people who are having a heart attack through the diagnostic and treatment process. Updated: 4.3.2009
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Carolinas MS Center Provides Expert Care
While only a few hundred thousand Americans suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, the impact this disease wreaks upon those patients, their families and friends, can be significant. Jill Conway, MD, is an MS Neurologist at the Carolinas MS Center where patients from all over the Carolinas come for caring, expert treatment. Listen as she discusses MS, its effects and hope for the future. Updated: 3.10.2009
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Despite Serious Illness, Area Children Stay Close to Home
When it opened its doors in October 2007, Levine Children's Hospital was expected to draw pediatric specialists and subspecialists to Charlotte to provide expert, highly specialized care for sick children. Here, listen as Medical Director Leonard Feld, MD, discusses the range of new and existing specialties available to help families and young patients receive expert care close to home. Updated 2.2.2009
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Rehab Restoring Health After TBI
Traumatic Brain Injuries can be minor or they can be devastating to the patient and the patient's family. Carolinas Rehabilitation provides rehabilitative care for these patients, helping restore them to their full potential. Updated: 10.31.2008
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Horizons Addresses Addiction, Dependency
It may shock you to learn that at least one out of every 10 people you see in the grocery store, church and the workplace has an addiction or chemical dependency. Bob Martin is Director of Substance Abuse Services at Mercy Horizons. Mercy Horizons encompasses an 11-bed inpatient detoxification unit as well as an intensive outpatient program in Charlotte, and he discusses this issue and how it is treated. Updated: 9.23.2008
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New Program Ensures Healthier Athletes
A new program has brought together Levine Children's Hospital, Sanger Clinic, OrthoCarolina, Carolinas Medical Center and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in an effort to provide more in-depth health screenings for high school athletes. The intent is to discover serious conditions that could lead to serious injury or even death. This month Drs. Herb Stern and David Price discuss Heart of a Champion. Updated:  8.11.2008
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Help Available for Eating Disorders
Levine Children's Hospital is now home to another hard-to-find pediatric subspecialty with the recent opening of its Center for Disordered Eating. Dr. Kristin Rager, Director of Adolescent Medicine, discusses eating behaviors, the new center and Teen Health Connection in this interview. She gives advice on what to look for, possible causes and media influences.
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CMC on Cutting Edge for Cancer Care
Cancers remain among the most threatening family of diseases. The good news is that physicians and researchers continue to mark progress against it. Carolinas Medical Center's Blumenthal Cancer Center and Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast's Batte Cancer Center are both recognized for the quality of care provided to patients. Updated: 6.2.2008
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Summer Safety for Kids
The summer months mean fun aplenty for kids. Longer hours for daylight play, time spent on recreational vehicles and on trampolines. The smell of newly cut grass. Most adults never think about the danger inherent in many of these activities. Listen as injury prevention experts from Levine Children's Hospital discuss ways families can help keep kids safe while they're having fun this summer. Updated: 5.1.2008
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Research Leads to Better Medicine
As the saying goes, "Before it's medicine, it's research." And researchers at Carolinas Medical Center's Cannon Research Center are doing some groundbreaking research, both in the laboratory and at the bedside. Dr. Herbert Bonkovsky, Vice President for Research, discusses some of the studies that are being done at CMC. Updated:4.1.2008
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New Treatment Provides Hope for Movement Disorders
Carolinas Medical Center is offering Deep Brain Stimulation for qualifying patients who may suffer from Essential Tremor, Dystonia or Parkinson's Disease. Each of these different conditions result in movement disorders that can respond positively to the placement of tiny electrodes in the brain that are then provided a mild current from a device very much like a heart pacemaker. Dr. Sanjay Iyer of Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute - Neurology discusses the procedure in this month's Carolinas Medical Center Reports podcast. Updated: 3.3.2008
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New Procedures Help Broken Hearts Mend
Coronary heart disease is America's No. 1 killer, while stroke is No. 3 and a leading cause of serious disability. At Carolinas Medical Center, our commitment to the best in cardiac care goes back more than 50 years. In this podcast,  Dr. Paul Colavita, president of Carolinas Heart and Vascular Institute, discusses leading edge procedures and programs in cardiac care that are available right here in Charlotte and what that means to you and your family's health. Updated: 2.1.2008
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Have a Healthier New Year!
Holidays -- and the extra calories that come with them -- can pack on the pounds for many of us. But getting rid of those extra pounds and inches doesn't have to be painful and can be the beginning of a new lifestyle that will help keep us healthy. Updated: 1.3.2008
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Keeping the joy in the season!
The December holidays can be a time of joy or a time of stress - or even both. Dr. Chad Ritterspach of Carolinas HealthCare System Behavioral Health - Charlotte says that setting limits - and observing them - can be a key to making sure that the joy of season doesn't get mangled by too many expectations - by ourselves or by others. Updated:11.30.2007
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CMC-Mercy Bariatric Center promises hope for obesity
Losing weight takes a lifelong commitment to making permanent lifestyle changes, but for those who are severely obese, metabolic factors can make this an impossible task. More than just a cosmetic concern, obesity now is at near-epidemic levels and obesity-related diseases are a leading contributor of death nationwide. Here, Dr. Keith Gersin, director of the Bariatric Center at CMC-Mercy, discusses various options to treating obesity including surgical procedures. Updated: 10.26.2007
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A whole new approach to pediatric care
Levine Children’s Hospital, the largest between Washington DC and Atlanta, will open in October. This $85 million project is far more than bricks and mortar - it represents an entirely new approach to pediatric healthcare in the Carolinas and beyond. This program looks not only at the building itself but also explores the recruiting of medical subspecialists who will provide the highest level of expertise in treating and healing children. Updated: 9.04.2007
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Oh, my aching head!
Headaches can mean anything from a stressful day at the office to a life-threatening situation. Dr. Michael Richardson of Charlotte Medical Clinic discusses headaches in this report. Updated: 8.01.2007
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New lung surgery procedure making a difference for patients
Minimally invasive lung surgery is making an incredible difference for patients who require it: much shorter hospital stays, much shorter recovery, and a great deal less pain. Dr. Mark Reames of The Sanger Clinic is providing this procedure at Carolinas Medical Center and is one of only two NC thoracic surgeons who perform these surgeries. Updated: 7.01.2007
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CMC Maternity Earns JD Power Honor Updated: 6.01.2007
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