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A New Model of Care Offered in Anson County

Today, most patients are cared for outside the walls of a hospital. In fact, four out of five patient encounters at Carolinas HealthCare System occur in a setting other than a hospital bed. This trend leaves many aging, rural hospitals oversized, underutilized and unable to adapt to rapid changes in healthcare delivery.

Since its construction in 1913, Anson Community Hospital has served as the premier facility in the small town of Wadesboro, NC. But, as healthcare continues to evolve, the traditional healthcare approaches that many community hospitals have relied on for years no longer meet the needs of the communities they serve.

“Carolinas HealthCare System Anson is bringing healthcare out from behind the walls of the hospital and delivering care in ways that best fit the Anson community,” said Gary Henderson, assistant vice president of Carolinas HealthCare System Anson.

Rather than investing in a facility that was no longer what the Anson community needed, Carolinas HealthCare System redesigned the healthcare delivery model and replaced the aging, 52-bed inpatient hospital with a smaller, 15-bed facility, Carolinas HealthCare System Anson, focused on reducing the high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. This model focuses on primary and preventive care, patient and caregiver relationships and strong community partnerships, also known as a “medical home.”

A medical home is a unique partnership between a patient, care providers and the community that ensures expertise, support and resources are available to help individuals make informed decisions about their healthcare. Carolinas HealthCare System believes a medical home is the best model for patient care because of its patient-centered approach that focuses on wellness, prevention and disease management – when and where the patient needs it. By working as a coordinated care team, doctors and nurses, dietitians, community health nurses, social workers, diabetes educators and pharmacists develop personalized plans for patients.

In its first two weeks, Carolinas HealthCare System Anson cared for 84 primary care patients (double the historic volumes), diverted 30 patients from the emergency setting to the medical home and utilized virtual hospitalists for medical management and admissions and virtual behavioral health in the ED and primary care setting. By week six of operation, CHS Anson had more than 1,000 “medical home” visits and 35-50 percent of patients triaged were directed to primary, not emergency care.

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Carolinas HealthCare System Anson opened on Monday, July 14, 2014, taking the place of Anson Community Hospital.