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Utilizing an ACP-Woven Method in Clinical Settings Can Help Fill Gaps

Shelly Williamson

Shelly Williamson
Carolinas HealthCare System's Center for Advanced Practice (CAP)

It’s no secret healthcare is evolving and much of the focus has been on getting more people insured and increasing access to treatment. This is a great concept and beneficial to patients who will be able to receive preventive care and utilize the most efficient clinical settings to receive all levels of care.

The concern, however, raises questions: how can we increase patient panel size without completely exhausting our provider resources which are already at capacity? And how can we provide the optimum clinical environment for our patients as well as our healthcare providers? The answer may be Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs), said Shelly Williamson, with Carolinas HealthCare System’s Center for Advanced Practice.

Being insured and having the ability to seek healthcare is only half of the pursuit to health and wellness. Utilizing ACPs in a team-based care model has a multitude of benefits that can add value to the clinical setting, the provider role and the service the System provides.

“The key to collaborating with an ACP is to figure out those things that only you as a physician can do, then teach the ACP everything else that you are responsible for, but don’t really have to do because it is within the ACP’s skillset,” said Chris Teigland, MD, medical director at McKay Urology.

ACPs can increase the number of available appointments and may be able to spend more time to spend with patients. This clinical support to physicians can offer relief for a maximized workload, which can help a physician’s overall occupational satisfaction.

The ACP-woven model can aid in the prevention of medical errors, do away with perforated patient care, increase access through extended clinical hours and provide opportunity for increased communication and improved continuity of care.

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