Resident with child

All first year residents begin with a two week long orientation at end of June. The residents then spend two months on general internal medicine, two months on pediatrics, two months on obstetrics, one month in the MICU, two months in the emergency department, one month newborn nursery and one month of inpatient family medicine.

In October of intern year the entire intern class is together for Ambulatory Skills I, an outpatient family medicine rotation free of weekend responsibilities.

During this year, the resident acquires families for whose care he or she will be responsible during the remainder of training. The resident spends one half-day per week in the Family Medicine Center. The emergency medicine rotation involves approximately 20 shifts during the month.

PGY-1 Goals and Objectives

1 Month2 Months1 Month2 Months2 Months1 Month1 Month2 Months
Ambulatory Skills I (PDF) Pediatric Ward
Intro to MICU
Internal Medicine Ward

Obstetric Ward/Clinics

Newborn Nursery

Family Medicine
Inpatient Service

Emergency Medicine
One week of night float per month
Family Medicine Center – 1 half day/week