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One of the most anticipated moments in your child’s rehabilitation journey is the day of discharge. However, we know that extensive preparation can sometimes be needed before parents, caregivers and even the patient feel comfortable with the transition.

At Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, creating a seamless transition from our inpatient rehabilitation program to your child’s home and community is one of our top priorities. Our dedicated team will work with you and your child throughout their rehabilitation stay and determine what services and/or equipment your child will need to return home safely and comfortably. Prior to discharge we will make sure that we have everything set up for you including follow up physician appointments, outpatient or in-home therapies, nursing care and/or respiratory services as needed. Your child’s team will also make recommendations for, and coordinate the delivery of, any equipment he or she may need. In addition, we can have your child’s prescriptions filled at our pharmacy and delivered to you prior to discharge– so you don’t have to make an additional stop on the way home.

Additional Services Prior to Discharge

We offer the opportunity for families to complete an in-room stay and/or patients to participate in a community outing prior to discharge. During the in-room stay parents or caregivers are responsible for all care needs for the patient - unless the medical team is needed or asked for assistance. This allows the family to practice full care for medically complicated patients in a protected environment and helps them gain confidence in their ability to care for their child. Community outings are designed to identify any potential challenges that patient’s may face as they return to their community. Patients have to navigate potential physical challenges as well as problem solving tasks while enjoying time outside of the hospital. If any barriers are identified, they are addressed prior to discharge.

Levine Children’s Hospital inpatient rehabilitation’s team of experts are dedicated to helping ease the transition from hospital to home. For more information, call 704-355-3558.