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We believe every child deserves to live a healthy, active life. If an orthopedic concern is keeping your child from living life to the fullest, the experts at Levine Children's Hospital's Orthopedics Program can help get your family back on its feet. Our patients are living, breathing testimonials to the care and compassion of our expert team. Here are some of their stories:

Hunter's Story

Eleven-year-old Hunter was born with a discrepancy in the lengths of his legs, but he hasn’t let it slow him down. His mom Tracy says he learned to walk just like any other little boy and has been extremely active as he’s gotten older. Read Hunter's story.

McKenzie’s Story

Last year, 10-year-old McKenzie contracted an infection that caused a series of health complications. During her recovery, she channeled her creative energy into writing a book, then honored her doctors by featuring them in the illustrations. Read McKenzie's story.