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Here are a few common questions and answers we have for our patients and parents who visit Levine Children's Specialty Center to see one of our nephrologists. If you have any additional questions, you can, of course, call the office at 704-381-8801. We would also love to hear your questions so that we may add them to this list.  

How do I make an appointment?

In order to set up an appointment with one of our nephrologists, the doctor who normally cares for your child (pediatrician or family doctor) needs to make a referral to one of our specialists. Your child's doctor can either fax the referral form (PDF) to us at 704-381-8801 or call Levine Children's Specialty Center directly to make an appointment. The phone number is 704-381-8800.

Can I download the referral form to my personal computer and print this form to take it to my doctor's office?

Yes.  Download and print this form (PDF) on your personal computer. Then take this form to your child's doctor and the doctor's office can complete it and fax it back to our office 704-381-8801.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You should bring your insurance card or any information about your insurance or payment plan. You should have received a new patient packet in the mail after your appointment was made. Please complete that information and bring the entire packet with you to your first appointment.

Who are the nephrologists that see patients in the Levine Children's Hospital Children's Specialty Center?

Meet the nephrologists who see patients at Levine Children's Specialty Center. 

How do I get to Levine Children's Specialty Center?

The Levine Children's Specialty Center is in the Medical Center Plaza (1001 Blythe Boulevard) on the campus of Carolina Medical Center. If you need valet service, pull into the circle drive in front of the glass doors. If you are self-parking, enter the parking deck directly beside Medical Center Plaza. Bring your parking ticket in with you to get validated when you check out after your appointment. Map and directions

What if I have additional questions?

You can always call our office and speak with someone about any questions, concerns, or requests for additional information. Please call 704-381-8800.

My child is scared. Is there anything I can tell him/her that might help?

Of course. We understand that each child's reactions to coming to our office will be different. We do have a child life specialist dedicated to the Children's Specialty Center who is there to assist you and your child throughout the process. The child life specialist collaborates with medical staff and multidisciplinary teams to develop comprehensive plans for psychological programming consistent with each child's medical condition.  The goal of the child life specialist is to provide psychosocial, social and emotional support to all pediatric patients and their families. Learn more about the child life specialists.

I would like to know more about my child's diagnosis. Where can I learn more about the diagnosis and treatment?

We have an online health library that has separate sections for parents, teens, and children. These sections are customized for the audience, so what your child will see when he clicks on the diabetes center is very different than what you as a parent will see. Learn more about your child's diagnosis.

In addition to online information we have a Family Resource Center on the 2nd floor of Levine Children's Hospital. There are hundreds of medical books for patients and parents about all diagnoses. We also have a medical librarian dedicated to the center; she is available Monday-Friday to assist you with your research. We have computers you can use to research your child's condition and private viewing rooms to watch a video about conditions, treatments, procedures, etc. Our library is open to all our patients and families as well as the community.