Carolinas HealthCare System
Tricia Fries and close friend, Charles
Tricia Fries, from Charlotte, describes her positive
experience with the Carolinas HealthCare System
Carolinas Laboratory Network.

“My close friend from Cincinnati (Ohio), Charles, has diabetes and as a result of his illness, his health has declined over the past few years. It has gotten to the point where he now undergoes dialysis three times per week. Unlike most of us, Charles is unable to enjoy ‘normal’ activities or travel frequently because of his dialysis schedule and his illness. He is eager to get his life back to a more normal routine and even made some significant life changes to become eligible for a kidney donation.  

With hopes of helping Charles live a longer, healthier life, I decided to donate my kidney to him. To do this, I needed to complete a lot of paperwork and draw blood for the hospital in Cincinnati performing the procedure. When I approached two large corporate laboratories in Charlotte (North Carolina) for help, I could not find anyone who would take the time to help me or educate me on what I needed to know.  

After a number of frustrating, discouraging experiences, I learned about the Carolinas Laboratory Network at Carolinas HealthCare System, where I was welcomed by employees who were comforting, professional and helpful. They made sure that I was taken care of and that I understood everything about the process. They made sure that all my blood work was done properly and successfully shared everything with the transplant unit in Cincinnati.

I am so grateful to Carolinas Laboratory Network for helping me end my day on a positive, hopeful note and for providing me with such a compassionate, positive experience.”