Carolinas HealthCare System

The Department of Family Medicine Research in Charlotte, NC and its partners have a product development pipeline that helps to further its mission to improve the healthcare delivery system and integrate evidence-based care into practice.


The Mecklenburg Access Portal (The-MAP) is a website that our research team created in collaboration with Innovative Educational Resources, LLC. The MAP is an interactive online directory of Mecklenburg County health, social service, and educational organizations, programs, and events. It allows users to tailor recommendations to their specific needs and connects users into social networks with individuals who have similar interests and needs.

Asthma Shared Decision Making Toolkit

Our group developed a Shared Decision Making SDM Toolkit for asthma. Patients exposed to the SDM Toolkit had significantly less exacerbations and increased patient reported involvement in care decisions. The toolkit guide and an example video are available on our website.

Asthma Electronic Action Plan Generator

Through a study funded by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, we created an electronic asthma plan tool that is available both as an embedded tool within the electronic health record and through the internet ( The electronic asthma plan generator guides providers through the complexity of currently guideline-based therapy.