Carolinas HealthCare System

For every 100,000 people who journey to the tropics, 45,000 will experience some type of health problem and approximately 8,000 (one in 12) will become sick enough to seek medical treatment. It is advisable to at least consider travel insurance for your upcoming journey.

Please check with your own health insurance company to review the terms of coverage while traveling away from home. Whether foreign or domestic travel, often times coverage as well as co-pays or co-insurance amounts differ when out of network. Some insurance providers will offer international coverage if the policy holder notifies the insurance provider in advance with details and destinations of the travel plans. Some may offer international coverage at additional fees. Speak with an agent from your insurance company to determine what is best for you in each specific travel destination you may have planned.

Below is an article that offers general advice on obtaining travel insurance and the terms and amounts of coverage one may need. It is provided as advice and not as an endorsement of the views expressed in the article.