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Millions residents of the United States travel to international destinations, including developing countries throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Available immunizations include: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid Fever, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis and Polio.

Immunizations from our Travel Clinic

Bubonic Plague
Vaccine available through the defense department only

Where it can be contracted: Southeast Asia, India, and the Southwest USA
Treatment: Streptomycin, Tetracycline
Symptoms: Lymph node enlargement, chills, fever, pneumonia

Will Not Give Vaccine

Where it can be contracted: Africa 
Treatment: Immunization Injection - Only 40 percent effective, many Side Effects, not given any longer
Symptoms: Severe vomiting, dysentery

Dengue Fever

Where it can be contracted: Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Basin, and Southeast Asia
Treatment: No vaccine.  Use insect repellents. City Mosquito
Symptoms: High fever, bone pain. No treatment

Hepatitis A

Treatment: (2) X 0.5 Cc Im 6 to 12 Months Apart. 99% Effective - Good For 10 Years or More
Symptoms: 1. 3 to 4 Weeks Coming On; Diarrhea, Vomiting, Jaundice (Yellow), Joint Swelling, Liver Involvement

Hepatitis B

Where it can be contracted: Africa, Southeast Asia, And Alaska
Treatment: (Twinrix Has Both A & B Vaccine) ~ (3) X 1.0 Cc Im 0, 1, 6 Months (Deltoid); Twinrix - Same Dose and Schedule. Will need 3 injections: 1 to 30 Days to 6 Months. Good for 10 Years or More
Symptoms: Liver involvement, jaundice, diarrhea, vomiting

Japanese Encephalitis

Where it can be contracted: Southeast Asia (+60 Days In Area/Rural Area)
Treatment: ~ 0.5 Cc (Subcutaneously) - 0, 7, 30 Days. Will need 3 injections: 1-30 Days - Six Months. Immediate Side Effects - Allergic reactions 1b. Good two years
Symptoms: Headaches, Neck aches, Fever, Inflammation of the brain

No Vaccine Available. A disease caused by parasite, carried by mosquito


  • Oral Chloroquine: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, And Caribbean
  • Oral Mefloquine: South America, Africa
    • Do not take psychiatric drugs with this med
    • One tab a week before/each week there/for four weeks after return
    • Contraindicated - seizures, depression

Symptoms: Recurring chills and fever


Types: A C W Y
Treatment:  ~ 0.5 Cc Im X 1. Minimal Side Effects - Lifetime Protection
Symptoms: Headache, neck/back pain, fever, can lead to death


Where it can be contracted: Africa and Southeast Asia
Treatment: 0.5 Cc Im or subcutaneously. Once for adults
Symptoms: Fever, paralysis, atrophy of muscles

3 Shot Prevention For Those Traveling To S.E. Asia, Africa, South America - Usually For Persons Going To Rural Areas For A Month Or More. Rabies Is Always Fatal If No Vaccine Protection Given.

Vaccine: Given at 0, 7, 21 Or 28 days prior to going ~ 1 Cc Im (Deltoid).  This is an expensive vaccine so clinic needs to be informed that rabies vaccine ordered before coming. Return visits may be required

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis

Treatment: (Tdap) ~ 0.5 Cc Im Q 10 Years. Good for ten years.
Symptoms: Muscle spasms (especially in jaw)

Typhoid Fever

Where it can be contracted: South America, Southeast Asia, And Central America
Treatment: Both oral and Im Typhoid vaccination available (V1 - Im) ~ 0.5 Cc Im (Q 2 Yrs for repeated exposure). Oral: four tabs - one every other day - must refrigerate. Take every five years for protection.
Symptoms: High fever, diarrhea, rash, headache

Yellow Fever

Where it can be contracted: South America (Amazon Region) and Central Africa
Treatment: ~ 0.5 Cc Subcutaneously - Storage 0-5° C.. Good for ten years. Not in childrenl less than 9 months of age or immunosuppressed
Symptoms: Sudden onset of fever, jaundice, hemorrhage, prostration