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Child Life at Levine Children's HospitalSpending time in the hospital can be a trying experience for anyone, but it's especially difficult for an active child. These resources at Levine Children's Hospital, in Charlotte, NC, can make the experience easier.

Child Life Program

Who says you can't have fun and heal at the same time? Certainly not our child life specialists! Child life specialists make sure children and their families feel comfortable and safe, helping them understand why they are in the hospital, their diagnosis and upcoming treatments and tests. They explain what's going on in simple terms children can understand, and provide distraction and support throughout your child's hospitalization. And they make our hospital a fun place by engaging children in play and leading games and arts and crafts in the play and activity rooms.

Pet TherapyPet Therapy at Levine Children's Hospital

The Pet Therapy Program allows dogs to enter the hospital to visit with patients and their families. When Sam and Surfer, both Shelties, or Sandy, a Golden Retriever, visit, they bring instant smiles laughter and welcome distraction. All dogs are licensed and registered with Pet Therapy International Incorporated, and are always accompanied by their licensed handler who supervises all patient interactions to ensure safety.

Family Resource Library

One of the most important ways you can help your child is to learn about illnesses, symptoms, treatment options and more. Your confidence and reassurance can be a great comfort to your child. Our Family Resource Center has a variety of books and videos for your convenience, as well as Internet-ready computers for research and communicating with friends and family.

Levine Children's Hospital ChapelSpiritual Care

Chaplains are essential members of your child's healthcare team at Levine Children's Hospital. They provide for the spiritual and religious needs of a diverse patient population. Chaplains are available to children and families 24 hours a day and also consult with the patient's pastor, priest, rabbi or faith community leader to enlist clinically relevant spiritual support for the child and family during their stay. Additionally, a Chapel is  located on the second level and provides sacred space for prayer and meditation around the clock.

Community Pathways Program

We have a hospital-based early intervention program developed to improve healthcare and support services for families who experience a lengthy hospital stay. Family and Developmental Specialists provide developmental, informational, emotional, financial and community support to promote developmental outcomes and enhance family functioning. Services are intended to meet the special and individual needs of each family and provide a smooth transition into community services.

Clinical Social Workers

At Levine Children's Hospital, we believe that treating the emotional and social issues is an essential part of the overall treatment plan. Clinical social workers help families cope with the stress that is associated with the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and disorders. By completing a psychosocial assessment, social workers can assist with the day-to-day issues that many families face while hospitalized, as well as the unexpected needs that may arise

Children's Advice Line

The Children's Advice Line is a free, 24/7 telephone help line for parents. Our experienced registered nurses can help with anything from feeding problems to treating a child's high fever, coughing or minor illness. Our translation services allow our nurses to communicate with you in Spanish, Vietnamese and numerous other languages.

Call locally: 704-512-7824 or toll free: 888-862-2422.  This free service is a gift to the community from the Children's Miracle Network.

Learn More About Services at Levine Children's Hospital

For more information about our comprehensive children's health services, please call 704-381-2100.