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Molecular Biology Facility

The Molecular Biology Core Facility, located in the Cannon Research Center, participates in and contributes to system-wide and regional research by performing various molecular biology techniques applied to different areas of health-related research. Projects are conducted as part of independent faculty research as well as resident research done as a component of the residency training program.

The facility offers various levels of service, including performing for or consulting with individual investigators to implement standard experimental design and sample preparation protocols, as well as assistance with post-run data analysis and interpretation. The facility has been serving the Charlotte Genomic Consortium in collaboration with UNC-Charlotte faculty, and has been the central location for a clinical study-related repository for various departments within our organization.

Mission Statement: To contribute to the enhancement of scientific research at Cannon and the Greater Charlotte region as a whole, and to assist investigators with their acquisition of research results and funding by the introduction and implementation of state-of-the-art techniques to enhance their research capability.

Molecular Biology Facility

The Molecular Biology Core Facility is located on the second floor of the Cannon Research Center. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as a CCD camera enhanced LAS-3000 Fuji imager, an ABI 310 DNA sequencer, and an ABI Prism 7000 Real Time PCR machine, as well as an ARCTURUS Laser Capture Microdissection System, PixCell IIe. The facility is staffed by experienced molecular biologists and provides services such as nucleic acid extraction, microarray sample preparation, sequencing, PCR,  RT-PCR and real time PCR.  

Microarray Facility

The Affymetrix Microarray Facility located in the Molecular Biology Core Facility was established by the Charlotte Genomics Consortium to serve investigators at both UNC-Charlotte (UNCC) and the Cannon Research Center at CMC. The equipment was recently upgraded to support seventh generation, high-resolution Genechip® arrays. The facility assists individual investigators to design, implement, analyze and validate studies aimed at examining gene expression levels as well as performing whole genome analysis. Microarray data analysis software is also available for use by the investigators. Having been certified in the processing of expression analysis (including both 3' expression and exon) and DNA analysis (including high density SNP) arrays, multiple applications and fields of studies are supported.

Why use the microarray facility at CMC?

As part of the Charlotte Genomics Consortium, we are able to take advantage of special microarray pricing from Affymetrix and we pass those savings along to the investigators. By using the extraction and labeling services of the Molecular Biology Core Facility, you avoid the expense of purchasing costly reagents in bulk. You only pay for the supplies used for your experiments and you don't have to worry about reagents expiring prior to use.

More detailed information regarding pricing, analysis services, and experimental design can be obtained by contacting the core facility director at 704-355-9646.

Other Research Activities

The core facility has been serving as a tissue bank for ovarian, endometrial and prostate tissues. It also serves as a specimen repository for Liver-Biliary-Pancreatic Center of Cannon Research Center. The specimen repository lab is equipped with a sample tracking system, BSI-II software which provides Cannon Research Center and CMC investigators with data collection and specimen inventory capabilities.

Laboratory Members
Nury Steuerwald, PhD, Director                           
Judy Vachris-Parsons, Senior Research Analyst
Kristen Bennett, Research Technologist III
Marjan Mehrab-Mohseni, Research Technologist II 
Herbert Bonkovsky, MD, VP of Research and Director of Liver-Biliary-Pancreatic Center, Director of Liver, Digestive and Metabolic Disorders Laboratory

Contact Information
Nury Steuerwald, PhD
704-355-9646 Tel          
704-355-3392 Fax

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