Payment for Mercy School of Nursing (MSON) tuition and fees must be made by 3 p.m. on the first class day of each semester. These charges exclude food, lodging, transportation and personal expenses. Books and uniforms are purchased separately through an approved vendor.

Official withdrawal from school during the first four weeks of the term entitles a student to a refund of tuition charges on a graduated scale. No refunds are made after the fourth week. Other fees, books, supplies and uniforms are not refundable/returnable. The refund policy for students receiving federal financial aid is available by request.

MSON reserves the right to make necessary adjustments in charges without extended notice. Any changes will apply to all enrolled students.

Additional costs may be incurred in the completion of required general education courses (consult the curriculum listed in the catalog (PDF). These courses are available at Carolinas College of Health Sciences (CCHS) and/or area community colleges during the student's enrollment at MSON. Consult the college catalog for cost information. Payment for general education coursework is made directly to the chosen college. Charges for courses taken at CCHS during enrollment at MSON are included with the tuition bill from MSON. Students will be given assistance in scheduling general education courses prior to enrollment. Students who successfully complete general education will receive transfer credit.

*Estimated Charges for 2014-15
  First Year Second Year
Tuition $6480 $4320
Fees $760 $570
Books $700 $220
Uniforms $200 $0
TOTAL $8140 $5110

*Nursing courses are $240 per credit hour. The above charges pertain to nursing courses only.