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One in 10 Americans are diagnosed with liver disease, including hepatitis C and fatty liver disease, and are the leading cause of liver cancers and transplants.

If you were born between 1945 and 1965, it is recommended that you get test for hepatitis C and fatty liver diseases.

Why it's important to get screened:

The Silent Epidemic
Approximately three million Americans are living with hepatitis C and up to 75 percent don't know they are infected.
Symptoms Are Not Obvious
Many people do not show signs or symptoms and can live with hepatitis C and fatty liver disease for many years without feeling sick.
Early Detection Helps Ensure The Best Treatment
Left untreated, patients have a much higher risk of developing liver failure and liver cancer.

Steve's Success Story

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"I am clear of hepatitis C because I was tested before it was too late.

I was able to beat this disease, and live another day. Don't wait to get screened! There's a simple test that can save your life."

- Steve, age 58

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