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For more information about our Lung Cancer program, call 888-810-0040.

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A single phone call from a patient's physician is all that is needed to access the Multidisciplinary Liver Cancer Program at Levine Cancer Institute.

Within 48 hours, an appointment will be made for the patient to see a pulmonologist, who will review his or her history and radiographic findings and schedule the appropriate diagnostic procedure.

Multidisciplinary Care

Our goal is to return patients home after having received the most innovative, multidisciplinary and minimally invasive individual diagnosis and treatment regimen available, thus giving them the best chance of long-term survival with a minimum of risk and discomfort.

Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Our program also offers access to the newest and most innovative clinical trials available to improve the initial treatment of cancer, as well as the treatment of recurring or advanced cancer.

These trials can provide exciting new treatment possibilities and new hope to patients with advanced cancer when other treatment approaches have been unsuccessful.

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For more information about our Lung Cancer program, call 888-810-0040