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For more information about our Immunotherapy Cancer program, call 980-442-2000 or 800-804-9376.

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The Immunotherapy Program at Levine Cancer Institute started as the first immunotherapy program in the region. Building on this history at Blumenthal Cancer Center, we are one of the busiest Interleukin-2 programs in the country.

Levine Cancer Institute offers several immunotherapy treatments for patients with melanoma and kidney cancer. Our program is the only one in the region that routinely uses the groundbreaking drug interleukin-2.

Multidisciplinary Care

Functioning as a multidisciplinary team, the immunotherapy program consolidates various services, which allows patients to have a comprehensive treatment designed for them. These include experts in surgical, medical and radiation oncology.

Using the expertise of various specialists, the weekly multidisciplinary team conference discusses treatment options to devise the best plan of care for each patient.

Outpatient Therapy

Patients requiring treatment are cared for at Levine Cancer Institute. Outpatient treatment is provided in many convenient locations, specially designed for infusions, chemotherapy and transfusions. All areas are staffed by nurse specialists in chemotherapy, an oncology pharmacist, nutritionist, counselor and a chaplain.

Focus on the Patient

Communication with patients and caregivers is an important priority at Levine Cancer Institute. We believe that treating the whole person, not just the disease, is best for patients and family members.

At Levine Cancer Institute, we offer a broad range of emotional support programs designed to help patients and family members cope with the range of issues related to life during and after cancer treatment.

For more information about Levine Cancer Institute, including referrals, please call 980-442-2000 or 800-804-9376.