Carolinas HealthCare System

When you’re a patient at Levine Cancer Institute, you benefit from having world-renowned experts on your treatment team. To ensure each patient receives the most comprehensive care possible from diagnosis to long-term follow-up, our experts from fields such as endocrinology, surgery, nuclear medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology work together to map out an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment is highly individualized, and while we offer standard options such as chemotherapy and radiation, individual treatment varies, depending on such factors as your overall health and location of the tumor.

Drawing on years of expertise, our surgeons provide the latest options, including microscopic and minimally invasive techniques, to optimize outcomes. Surgery to remove cancerous tissue – and in some cases, an entire gland and neighboring lymph nodes – is the standard treatment for thyroid cancer, adrenal cancer and neuroendocrine tumors.

In some cases, neuroendocrine tumors can be treated using chemoembolization, a minimally invasive way to deliver large doses of chemotherapy directly to the tumor. Treatment for thyroid cancer also entails taking a single dose of radioactive iodine following surgery to destroy any remaining thyroid cells; lifelong hormone supplements are necessary for patients who have had their thyroid removed.