Carolinas HealthCare System

Radiation oncology is an integral part of the treatment of most malignancies.  Cancer care usually involves the coordination of efforts from various doctors and other specialists to develop the treatment plan.  Radiation oncologists, along with surgeons and medical oncologists, form the core of the cancer care team for patients at Levine Cancer Institute, with access to the wide range of other specialists to provide truly multi-disciplinary care.

Radiation oncology is frequently used with chemotherapy. Together, they work more powerfully than either treatment alone.  Radiation can be delivered before or after surgery dependent upon the situation of an individual treatment.

Leading-Edge Technology

Patients have access to our award-winning care, as well as the latest in technological advances.  Modern medicine has been revolutionized by advancing technology.  This is particularly true in radiation oncology which is dependent on sophisticated linear accelerators that generate high energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells.

The steady advance of technology has allowed the radiation oncologists to deliver higher doses of radiation to the tumor cells while delivering less radiation to the surrounding normal tissues.  This offers the promise of improved tumor control with reduced short and long term side effects.

As a part of our commitment to care, Levine Cancer Institute provides access to advanced technologies. Radiation treatments can be delivered a number of different ways including eternal ban treatment options and brachytherapy.