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SouthPark Acupuncture
4525 Cameron Valley Parkway
Suite 2500
Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: 704-512-6293
Fax: 704-512-6296

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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Is acupuncture painful?
The acupuncture needle is a very thin needle, about as thin as a strand of hair. You feel a minor sensation but usually no pain.

How many sessions will it take for me to see results?
For pain management, pain will  usually be greatly reduced after one or two treatments. While the pain may often return, it is usually at a lower intensity level.

How often will I need a follow up?
For most cases, you should receive treatment twice a week for three to five weeks. This treatment schedule can be shorter or longer depending on the severity of the condition.

Are the needles safe?
State and federal agencies have established strict procedures for needle sterilization. Knowledge and proper utilization of these procedures are part of licensing, registration and certification requirements. We use disposable needles and strict clean needle techniques to insure optimum safety for our patients.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my visit?
No special preparation is needed before your visit, although you may want to wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid drinking colored beverages as they may alter tongue color.

Why does the acupuncturist look at my tongue?
Tongue color is very important in Traditional Chinese Medicine with different colors indicating different problems. After taking a look at your tongue and its coating, Wenhui Li can offer a proper tongue diagnosis and begin treatment.

Are there any side effects to treatment?
Acupuncture is a safe form of treatment and produces no adverse or negative side effects. After treatments, most patients usually feel relief from discomfort and leave the office feeling relaxed, calm, or energized.

Does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture has been proven to be successful in providing relief, treating many conditions and symptoms.

How much does treatment cost? Will it be covered by my insurance? 
SouthPark Acupuncture does not file insurance. If your healthcare plan does cover it, we will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for a reimbursement but payment is expected at the time of service. As a payment option, cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted.

How much does acupuncture cost and how long does it take?
The initial visit at SouthPark Acupuncture is $120. The initial visit normally lasts an hour and includes a consultation and your first treatment. Follow-up treatments are $80. These visits normally last for 30 minutes. Payment is expected at the time of visit. Carolinas HealthCare System employees receive a 20 percent discount on our services.

If you have additional questions not covered here or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 704-512-6293.

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