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Immune monitoring: testing of the immune status in the diagnosis and therapy of cancer, immune proliferative and immunodeficiency disorder and autoimmune abnormalities. Strategies include measurement of biomarker antigens, studies of cellular or humoral immunity, immunotherapy trials, etc.

Mission Statement: The IMC lab at CHS offers a number of services that can be customized to the needs of clinical investigators and research scientists. Services include blood sample or tissue processing for immune cell subset characterization and isolation, serum/plasma analysis and customized immunoassays.

Service Provided


Cell analysis from blood, digested tissue and cell culture:

  • Blood sample or tissue processing
  • Cell phenotyping and functionality assessment
  • Cell subsets enrichment or cell sorting
  • Cell proliferation and cell cycle assays

Protein analysis from tissue, fluid or cell suspension:

  • ELISA and multiplexed ELISA

Flow cytometry services:

Flow cytometry: analysis of biological material by detection of the light-absorbing or fluorescing properties of cells or sub-cellular fractions (chromosome, mitochondria, etc.) passing in a narrow stream through a laser beam.

  • Sample preparation (cell surface staining, intracellular/intranuclear staining)
  • Multicolor flow cytometry (4 to 7 markers analyzed simultaneously)
  • Data analysis


A 2 lasers/4 colors Flow Cytometer meets the current demands of both clinical and research environments for cell phenotyping by performing cell analysis with multicolor application support. A blue argon (488nm) and red neon/helium (635nm) excitation lasers allow the concomitant analysis of up to 4-colors / 6 parameters (forward and side light scattering) of cells.

A 2 lasers/7 colors Cell Sorter possesses, in addition to cell phenotyping, cell-sorting capabilities. It is currently equipped with 2 excitation lasers (488nm and 635nm) allowing the detection of up to 7-colors / 9 parameter (forward and side light scattering) simultaneously for cell phenotyping. It also can perform high speed / high purity cell sorting of up to 4 cell populations simultaneously.

A multiplex protein array system allows analysis of up to 52 biomolecules in a single sample. The IMC lab and the Molecular Biology core laboratory at CHS use the system conjointly. Cytokines, chemokines or growth factors can be analyzed from plasma, serum samples or cell culture supernatant.

The Team

David M Foureau, PhD: Research Scientist, IMC lab director
Phone: 704-355-2639
Fax: 704-355-7202

Fei Guo, PhD: Flow Cytometrist
Phone: 704-355-7269
Fax: 704-355-7202