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Iain McKillop

Iain H. McKillop, PhDIain H. McKillop, PhD
Group Director for Research
Department of General Surgery
Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Prior Positions and Experience

2002-2007 Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of North Carolinaat Charlotte
1999-2002 Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Rochester
1997-1999 Instructor,Department of Surgery, Georgetown University (Washington)
1995-1997 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Surgery, Georgetown University (Washington)
1995 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medical Center (Baltimore)


PhD:1995, Department of Medicine, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK)
BSc (Hons): 1991, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK)

Research Interests

Dr. McKillop’s laboratory studies the pathophysiology of liver disease with a particular emphasis in the field of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). To achieve these goals, the laboratory makes extensive use of cell biology techniques to try and better understand the aberrations in signal transduction pathways that occur in HCC that drive cell tumorgenicity during processes of initial transformation and disease progression. Specifically, these studies address fundamental characteristics of cancer cells in the liver: the increased rate of cell growth following transformation, the inability of transformed cells to perform the physiological functions of the normal cell type and the (relative) resistance of cells to be deleted following transformation. Incorporated into these studies, Dr. McKillop’s laboratory also has a particular interest in the effects of alcohol as a possible accelerant during the development and/or progression of HCC and developing a better understanding of how natural/plant derived compounds may be act to slow these effects. These studies are being performed in collaboration with Drs. Iannitti, Martinie and Russo, clinicians in the Department of Surgery and Medicine.

Recent Publications

Moran DM, Koniaris LG, Cahill PA, Halberstadt CR, McKillop IH. Microencapsulation of engineered cells to deliver sustained high circulating levels of interleukin-6 to study hepatocellular carcinoma progression. Cell Transplant 2007;15: 785-798. [PMID: 17269449]

Jablonski EM, Mattocks AM, Sokolov E, Koniaris LG, Hughes FM, Fausto N, Pierce RH, McKillop IH. Decreased aquaporin expression leads to increased resistance to apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Lett 2007; 250: 36-46. [PMID: 17084522]

Kovach SJ, Price JA, Theodorakis NG, Sitzmann JV, McKillop IH. Role of cyclic-AMP responsive element binding (CREB) proteins in cell proliferation in a rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma. J Cell Physiol 2006; 206: 411-419. [PMID: 16110470]

McKillop IH, Moran DM, Jin X, Koniaris LG. Molecular pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma. J Surg Res 2006: 136; 125-135. [PMID: 17023002]

Mckillop IH, Schrum, LW. Alcohol and liver cancer. Alcohol 2005; 35: 195-203. [PMID: 16054981]

Current, Recent and Pending Grant Support

Grant Title: Effect of Alcohol on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression
Funding Agency: National Institute Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism/ NIH R21 Grant (R21 AA016858-01)
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2008–2010

Grant Title: Regulation of Benign and Malignant Hepatocyte Growth
Funding Agency: National Cancer Institute/ NIH R01 Grant (1RO1CA90895)
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2002–2006

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