Our Welcome Gift: A FREE First Aid Kit

As a welcome gift, we'd like to send you a FREE first aid kit and more information about our services to help you get settled into your new neighborhood.

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More than 700 doctors in over 200 locations means the right person and place for you is always within reach. Find the best doctor for you by calling 888-823-7565, or fill out the short form below to search now.

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Nearby Urgent Care Locations

From minor accidents to illness, Carolinas HealthCare System provides the highest level of care when your need is urgent – after hours or on weekends, and without an appointment. We have dozens of urgent care locations, including several with board-certified pediatricians, just for kids.

Closest Emergency Care

For chest pain, difficulty breathing and other medical emergencies, go to any of our hospitals or 24/7 free-standing ERs, all staffed by board-certified doctors and backed by Carolinas Medical Center, the region’s only Level 1 trauma center.