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The enemy of focus is distraction – especially when you’re at work. If hunger, fatigue, aching joints or dehydration are interrupting your day, here are five healthy ways to regain your focus and boost your productivity.

1. Fire Your Chair

Sitting eight hours every day may not be killing you, but if you add those hours to sitting in the car, on the couch or at the table, you’re spending most of your life on your butt. According to The Ergotron Consumer survey, 86 percent of Americans sit all day at work. Experts say it’s wreaking havoc on our health. Take the stairs, try a standing workstation or hold walking meetings with your colleagues.

2. Surf the Web

No really. A recent study showed that web browsing rejuvenated exhausted employees and boosted their productivity. Experts are now encouraging employers to lighten up when cracking down on workers’ Internet access. Just 10 minutes of personal web browsing serves a restorative function, much like a coffee or snack break.

3. Bring Healthy Supplies

Healthy snacks are just as important as your phone or computer – they’re vital to your success. Drop the soda, chips, chocolate and donuts. Instead, consider a small bag of nuts and seeds, a small box of mixed bean salad, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese or some lean meat to snack on throughout the day.

4. Keep your Water Bottle Filled

If you don’t stay hydrated, it can cause fatigue, dizziness or headaches. So, drink plenty of water to feel more alert and focused. The Institute of Medicine determined that adequate water intake for men is roughly 3.7 liters total a day. For women, 2.7 liters. Try adding cucumbers, lime, mint or ginger to your water bottle to jazz things up.

5. Beat Burnout with Balance

Keeping a good work-life balance will help you feel and stay healthy. Working long hours and always making yourself available for calls and emails can cause stress levels to soar. Restore harmony by setting boundaries around your time and honoring them. Make your life outside work enticing and fun so that you enjoy being away from work and are able to leave work at work.

Bring a little health back to work. Your body, your co-workers and your boss will thank you.