Want to boost your family's healthy habits? Join the 5-2-1-0 League and pledge to get healthy together!

The 5-2-1-0 League is a group of heroes committed to living healthy, active lives. How? By working to follow 5-2-1-0 every day.

Below, you'll learn more about 5-2-1-0, and find fresh ways to add healthy habits into your family's daily routine. It's easier than you think – and fun, too!

What's 5-2-1-0?

Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily!
Limit screen time not linked to schoolwork or learning to less than 2 hours a day.
Be active for at least 1 hour per day.
Stay away from sweet drinks - go for water or low-fat milk!

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Healthy Together is an initiative aimed at fighting childhood obesity in our community through education and action. Launched and led by Carolinas HealthCare System, Healthy Together's mission is to implement and spread programs that encourage and empower families to follow the healthy habits of 5-2-1-0.

How do we do it? By partnering with our community to bring 5-2-1-0 to you and your family. Right now, we're working to bring tailored 5-2-1-0 programming to select elementary schools in our region. Our future goal is to expand our programming into childcare and other community settings, as well as our own doctor's offices.

Have questions about Healthy Together, or have an interest in bringing the program to your community setting ? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us today.

This information is intended as general wellness guidelines for most children ages 2 and up. If you have any questions, or need specific recommendations for your child, talk to your child's pediatrician.

The 5210 information is adapted from the Let's Go! program in Portland, Maine.

Visit their website for additional resources.