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Preparing for a Career in Healthcare

Here are some ideas about how to prepare for a career in healthcare:

  • Talk to someone in a healthcare career (family member, a friend of the family or your pediatrician)
  • Seek out a mentor in the heathcare field
  • Check out healthcare websites and career sites like (North Carolina Health Careers website) and (North Carolina College Foundation, Inc.)
  • Check out the local library and read about your interests
  • Talk to your teachers and career counselor/coordinator about healthcare careers
  • Attend programs and workshops in your school and community on healthcare
  • Review the Charlotte Works Youth Business Connector for work-based learning opportunities in the area
  • Attend seminars and workshops in your school and community on healthcare-related topics
  • Join a community group like the HEROES Health Career Connection or the North Carolina HOSA
  • Begin to help around the house, maybe even discuss getting an allowance with your parents - this will teach you about earning and saving money
  • Take as many STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) classes as you can while in school
  • Volunteer at your local hospital