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Meet your Financial Aid Office:

How to apply
A "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) form is required each year a student wants to receive financial aid. Visit our Financial Aid information page to learn more.

If your application is selected for verification by the Department of Education you will be notified via your personal email from the financial aid office. No financial aid packages will be completed until all verification documents have been received and reviewed by our office.

Award offers
Award packages will be mailed through US Postal mail to the student's current address in Sonis. Any revisions later to the award letter will be emailed to the student's Cabarrus College email.

An award letter is an official offer of all financial awards that may include federal and state grants, scholarships, work-study and/or student loans. Award letters must be completed and returned by the due date indicated on the award letter.

To see the types of financial aid available at our college please visit Financial Information. You will find information on scholarships and a resources section to apply for scholarships along with information on grants and loans.

Only after all required documents are received by the Financial Aid Office as instructed in the award package are the awards considered official. Financial Aid awards are based on eligibility criteria which includes the following:

  • Enrolled credit hours in program (indicated in your award package) **
  • FAFSA results
  • Previous education
  • Residency
  • Grade level
  • Satisfactory academic progress requirements

**It is the responsibility of the student to review and notify the Director of Financial Aid if there are any changes or discrepancies in current enrollment. Award letters will be revised accordingly.

Students who choose to accept Federal loans offered to them cannot receive their first loan disbursement until a master promissory note and Federal Loan entrance counseling are completed. These are both done one time at the beginning of the student's enrollment and directions to complete these are included with the Award package.

Any Bachelor of Nursing students who enrolls in a five week long course during a semester will be subject to delayed disbursement of Financial Aid. The Director of student records and information management will notify the financial aid office after the last 5 week course in the semester has begun confirming attendance for all students enrolled in 5 week courses during that semester. Only after this notification will required enrollment be certified for Federal and State Awards. Once funds are then received by the college and posted to students accounts any refunds generated will be processed at that time by the business office.

How do I keep financial aid?
Students must comply with the satisfactory academic progress policy, as outlined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress section of the Cabarrus College Catalog, to continue to qualify for financial aid at Cabarrus College. This policy meets the minimum statutory and regulatory federal requirements for qualitative and quantitative measures.

For diploma students at the end of each semester, and for degree students once each academic year at the end of the spring, the Financial Aid Director will review students who receive financial aid to determine their eligibility to continue to receive financial aid based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Students who withdraw or take a curriculum leave of absence will have satisfactory academic progress measured upon their return and before re-enrolling.

Enrollment Notice for Federal Student Aid Conviction, Possession, Selling Illegal Drugs Acknowledgement Form
All students must read the acknowledgement form. Any student unwilling to comply with this requirement must see the Director of Financial Aid before the first day of class. By submitting the completion and confirmation of participation for this orientation the student agrees that they have reviewed and understand this acknowledgement form.

Withdrawal, Return of Title IV (Federal) and State Funds
Title IV and State funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV and State funds that the student was originally scheduled to receive. Absence from class does not constitute official withdrawal.

If a recipient of a Title IV and State grant or loan funds withdraws from a school during the semester, the amount of the Title IV and State grants or loan assistance earned by the student must be re-calculated. If the amount disbursed to the student is greater than the amount the student earned, unearned funds must be returned. The amount of funds earned by the student is based on the percentage of the semester completed.

Re-calculations of funds earned are completed by the Director of Financial Aid and students are notified of all results.

Summer Enrollment
Students who will be enrolled in summer classes will typically have out of pocket expense for these classes because summer financial aid is very limited. Be sure to review your financial aid award offer to determine how much you will owe for summer and plan accordingly.

We are here for you. We have an open-door policy and are located within the Student Support Center - Room 133. Scholarship opportunities, updates to award letters and notifications of refunds will be sent to your Cabarrus College email, so be sure to check frequently!


Do I have to be a full time student to receive Financial Aid?
No, certain types of financial aid are available to part time students.

If my parents make too much money, will I be ineligible for financial aid?
Some types of financial aid are not based on need, so all students may be eligible.

Does it cost more to attend Cabarrus College if I am not a North Carolina resident?
The cost to attend Cabarrus College is the same for NC residents or out of state residents; however residency does have an impact on financial aid eligibility.

If I have lived in North Carolina for one year, am I considered a North Carolina resident?
Some of the financial aid awarded at Cabarrus College is only awarded to North Carolina residents. The Financial Aid Office determines your eligibility based on required applications and any additional documents requested. Living in North Carolina for one year does not automatically make you eligible for state aid.

Can I use my financial aid credit to purchase books?
If eligible, a student may use their available credit to purchase books online. A voucher notification of credit will be emailed to your Cabarrus College email from MBS online bookstore if eligible with a link, instructions and ID.

When should I expect my refund?
Funds received by the school are posted to the students account. Refund checks are processed and mailed to the US Postal address on file in SONISWEB within 14 days.

Business Office
What does the Business Office Do?

Tuition and Fees

  1. Tuition and fees must be paid by the deadline or registration will be subject to cancellation.

    (late accepts after the established deadline will make arrangements with the business office).

  2. Tuition and fees not paid on time will be subject to a late fee.
  3. If a student drops a class(s) after the drop/ add period the bill will not be reduced.

Consequences of Non-Payment:
Students are responsible for all financial obligations to the college or responsible to make appropriate arrangements with a College official. The College may take the following measures for students not meeting financial obligations:

  • Deny admission to class or clinical activities
  • Deny registration
  • Dismissal from the college
  • Withhold grades and transcripts
  • Withhold the granting of degrees, diplomas or certificates
  • Deny participation in graduation actives
  • Late fee will be added to your account.
  • Account will be sent to collections

Due Dates - 2016-2017 Academic Year

Fall August 8, 2016
Spring December 23, 2016
Summer May 8, 2016

Statement of Student Account (Bill)
Bills are available through Sonis Web. As a convenience, you can make a payment online through Sonis Web under the billing tab.

Billing statement BEFORE the semester startsBilling-Statement.jpg

  • Be sure to select the correct school year and semester  
  • The date bills are due will be shown at the bottom  
  • Before the semester starts you will want to pay on the "Anticipated Balance" amount only  
  • Once the semester starts it will change to "Current Balance"  
  • If there are parentheses around an amount such as ($100), this means you have a credit and no tuition is due as long as you have accepted your financial aid awards.


  • Be sure to selecte the correct school year and semester
  • The date bills are due will be shown at the bottom
  • After the semester starts pay on the "Current Balance" only
  • If there are parentheses around an amount such as ($100), this means you have a credit and no tuition is due as long as you have accepted your financial aid awards.

How Can I Pay?

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Card
    • Money Order
    • Online
    • Automatic Payments

Online Payments - How to Make and Online Payment
Step 1: Log into your SONIS account and click the Billing tab
Step 2: Choose the correct school year and semester
Step 3: Click on: Credit Card Payment


Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to pay
Step 5: Click Continue to Process Payment
Step 6: Enter required information and click Process Transaction. A confirmation will be displayed, and you may print the page for your records.


Payment Plans
A payment plan is an interest-free option offered by Cabarrus College that breaks down the large lump-sum payments due at the beginning of each semester into easy-to-manage installments either bi-weekly or monthly. A fee of $50.00 per semester will be assessed each semester you establish a payment plan. Payment plans can be combined with financial aid and student loans to help manage your total cost. Payment plans are established through the Business Office located in the Student Support Center.

There are two types of refunds

  1. Refund from student accounts:
    Students who receive financial aid in excess of tuition and fees and books will receive refunds only after funds are received and posted to the students' accounts.
  2. Tuition Refund
    All students (excluding continuing education) who withdraw from the College may be refunded tuition upon the student's written request in accordance with the following schedule:
    Date on official Withdrawal Form is: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . % of Tuition Refunded
    • On or before the first day of class(es). . . . . . . . . . 100%
    • Within the first 10% of the semester days enrolled. . . . . . . . . . 90%
    • From 11% to 25% of the semester days enrolled. . . . . . . . . . 50%
    • From 26% to 50% of the semester days enrolled. . . . . . . . . . 25%
    • After 50% of the semester days enrolled. . . . . . . . . . 0%
    Tuition deposits and required fees are nonrefundable. Refunds are not given to any student who is dismissed or does not officially withdraw from the
    • College Absence from class does not constitute official withdrawal.
    • Refunds are made first to student financial aid programs and scholarship funds as required by the terms and conditions of the programs, then to the student if applicable.

Return Check Policy
Per College Policy, when making a payment by check and the check is returned for non-sufficient funds a $25.00 return check fee will be placed on the student's account. In addition, holds are placed on the student's account until it is paid in full.

Due to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines we are unable to speak to anyone regarding your account without consent for release for the Business Office. You may complete the below form and return to the Business Office. This authorization will be active until the student terminates the agreement.

Business Authorization Form