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It happened after a family dinner on Easter Day, 2012. While washing dishes in the kitchen, Richard Lynch suddenly couldn’t lift his hand from the sink. Realizing something was wrong his daughter called a family friend who is also a nurse. After hearing a brief description of his symptoms the answer was quick and direct, “call 911…now!”

After a four-day hospital stay Richard was transferred to Carolinas Rehabilitation in Mt. Holly for nine days of additional treatment as a result of a stroke. During his first week at Mt. Holly, he could not raise his arm above his head and had no grip strength in his hand. While undergoing exercise treatments on exercise machines, attending therapist Tom Habib wrapped an ACE bandage round Richard’s hand with hopes that it would remain on the machine handle. The bandage wrap didn’t work and patient and therapist moved on to other options for the remainder of the session.

During a break, Richard suggested to Tom that there should be a better way to keep the hands of impaired patients on the equipment better than a simple bandage wrap – maybe something like a glove. Tom agreed and thought that would be a good idea.

Going home Richard stopped off at the local Wal-Mart and purchased a glove to which he attached strips of Velcro for better gripping during his therapy sessions. He has continued using different prototype versions of his original “therapy glove” and is now working with a local manufacturer to develop a market-ready version of the product.

Besides Tom Habib, Richard has run his idea by other therapists at multiple treatment centers in the Charlotte area who have universally encouraged him to pursue his concept through mass marketing and manufacturing.  Bringing an idea created through personal adversity to life for other patients, Richard Lynch is pleased to think he can someday help others during their therapy journeys.

“Sometimes, a different perspective can create a positive opportunity,” says Richard. “Good ideas or inventions can come from lots of situations and places. My idea started while washing dishes in the kitchen.”

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