Carolinas HealthCare System

There are two (2) teaser scripts that come with the latest Location module.

1) The first teaser will output a search form or a list of locations that can be filtered based on a location type. The teaser has two (2) display options for both the search and list that defaults based on the layout that is configured in the administration, but can be set to use the other layouts version which will work with any layout version configured in the administration.

Search & List - Layout 1

Search & List - Layout 2

2) The second teaser will render wait times based on the old layout and can be used to display wait times on a static page based on the following filters:

a) limit_locationType -- default="Urgent Care"
b) limit_NOT_locationType
c) limit_city
d) limit_locationname
e) limit_startswith_locationname
f) limit_state
g) limit_zip
h) limit_ref
i) bHideIntro -- default="false"; indicates if the disclaimer and introduction should be displayed.

Wait Times