Medical Education

The ETS is the College's testing tool for assessing student proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. This test is mandatory for all new incoming undergraduate students. It is administered upon enrollment and then again at graduation.

This is a test of college-level skills in critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics designed to measure the academic skills developed through general education courses, rather than the subject knowledge specifically taught in those courses. All the subject knowledge required to answer the question is contained in the question itself or in the stimulus materials that accompany the question.

Please click on the link below to access the instructions for the test. Please read the instructions thoroughly before starting. You can also print out the instructions if you wish. The link to the exam is in the instructions.

The test is divided into two - 1 hour sessions. DO NOT log off between sessions. You must complete both sessions at the same time so make sure you have a 2 hour window availability. If you finish before the 1 hour you can proceed to the next. You don't have to wait.

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