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Not all esophageal cancers can be prevented, but the risk of developing this disease can be greatly reduced with lifestyle choices.

Stay Away From Tobacco and Alcohol

Avoiding tobacco and alcohol is one of the best ways of limiting your risk of esophageal cancer. In the US, the most important lifestyle risk factors for cancer of the esophagus are the use of tobacco and alcohol. Each of these factors alone increases the risk of esophageal cancer many times, and the risk is even greater if they are combined.

Watch Your Diet and Body Weight

Eating a healthy diet and staying at a healthy weight are also important. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help protect against esophageal cancer.

Get Treatment for Reflux or Barrett’s Esophagus

Treating people with reflux may help prevent a condition called Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer. Make sure you share any changes in your health with your doctor and be aware of cancer symptoms.