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What is Edison Nation Medical?

Edison Nation and Carolinas HealthCare System have teamed up to form an online community of inventors known as Edison Nation Medical. The shared visions of both organizations will become a powerful influence in medicine while providing the industry the ability to truly transform patient care.

How does Edison Nation Medical work?

Anyone can join and submit ideas and inventions to Edison Nation Medical where they are evaluated for development and presentation to leading healthcare providers, manufacturers and distributors. If your idea is chosen, Edison Nation Medical will make the investments necessary to bring it to market at no cost to you, the inventor. This arrangement benefits healthcare providers and you – the inventor, through the development of new products, processes and procedures. Become a member of Edison Nation Medical and invite your family and friends to join in this new online initiative as well.

Why should I participate?

The process all starts with you becoming a member of Edison Nation Medical. If an idea you submit is selected to be developed and commercialized, you as the inventor will share in a portion of the royalties. 

Who can submit an idea?

Anyone with an idea that could improve healthcare or the healthcare setting may submit their idea through the Edison Nation Medical website. 

What types of ideas will be considered?

Edison Nation Medical routinely hosts Innovation Searches online:

  • Innovation Searches: Edison Nation Medical will host open Innovation Searches where you can submit any types of healthcare-related ideas. The Edison Nation Medical team will review each submission. In select cases, Edison Nation Medical will invest, design, engineer, prototype, license, manufacture and distribute the new product or procedure at no cost to the inventor.
  • Product-Specific Searches: Sometimes, Edison Nation Medical may ask members for ideas to meet the specific needs or challenges of leading medical device companies, manufacturers or retailers. Edison Nation Medical will post these needs or challenges on its website where members can then submit ideas for consideration.

Who owns my idea?

If an idea is submitted as the inventor/submitter, you can withdraw the idea any time up until it is selected to be presented by Edison Nation Medical. At this point, the intellectual property is assigned to Edison Nation Medical. You, as the inventor, will always be protected. Edison Nation Medical will pursue all patent protection, pursue infringers and use best practices to prosecute the intellectual property.


What does Edison Nation Medical want to achieve?

Edison Nation Medical will become a leading forum for the identification, evaluation, development and commercialization of healthcare innovations. Every idea submitted for its consideration will be evaluated based on three principles:

  1. Enhancing patient care.
  2. Improving and streamlining processes that lead to lower costs.
  3. Demonstrating value for all stakeholders.

Am I limited as to the number of ideas I can submit?



How can I participate?

Go to the Edison Nation Medical website, become a member and click the Submit an Idea button. The resulting link will take you to a questionnaire to be filled out with information about your idea. First time visitors will be prompted to become a member of Edison Nation Medical. Returning users will log in direct. There is a dashboard allowing you to follow the progress of your idea moving forward.


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