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Wound Patient David Griffin
Wound Patient David Griffin

When David Griffin was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, he immediately began strong radiation and chemotherapy at his local cancer center. After numerous rounds of treatment, there were still signs of cancer, so it was determined that David's left arm needed to be amputated. On Nov. 21, 2013, David had surgery to remove his entire left arm and the top of his shoulder.

A month after the surgery, David noticed three large "holes" forming near his neck. David's skin was so damaged from the radiation that it could no longer heal itself, causing open wounds to form on his body.

"I didn't know if the wounds were because the cancer was coming back," said David. "That's when I decided to go to Carolinas HealthCare System."

David began seeing an oncologist at Levine Cancer Institute and was immediately referred to Carolinas HealthCare System Wound Care, a facility of Carolinas HealthCare System Pineville. When David realized how close the facility was to where he lives, he set up a meeting to learn more about treatment options.

"Since the center was so close to my home, it made everything much easier for me and my family," said David.

David started treatment at the wound care center on Dec. 23, 2013, with William Moose, MD, medical director of the center. David received treatment for 40 days, five days a week, and he never missed an appointment. Every day, he would spend two hours in the hyperbaric oxygen chambers, where he'd breathe in 100 percent oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. This treatment delivers high concentrations of oxygen into the bloodstream, which assists in the healing process of wounds and helps fight certain types of infections.

Wound Patient David Griffin
William Moose, MD

"Mr. Griffin started with a long hard road behind him and another arduous journey in front of him," said Ronnie O'Regan, director of the facility. "Everyone enjoyed spending time with Mr. Griffin because of his commitment to the daily treatments and his heroic attitude about getting through his latest healthcare challenge."

Today, David is back to living his normal life. Because of the convenient access and high quality care provided by Carolinas HealthCare System Wound Care, David's wounds were completely healed and his quality of life restored.

"I do not think I would be where I am today without the care I received at Carolinas HealthCare System," said David.