Carolinas HealthCare System

Carolinas HealthCare System's Dickson Advanced Analytics (DA2) group is an innovative leader in advanced analytics and business intelligence that seeks to:

  • Predict health needs
  • Continually elevate patient outcomes
  • Drive transformative solutions to promote the health of our communities

The System is among today’s healthcare leaders in advanced analytics and works to advance the following priorities:

Quality and Value: Develop and deliver analytic packages to improve the health of employees and patients everywhere and to deliver measurable changes to their health profiles. DA² applies a balanced approach to understanding business needs, promoting data governance and integrity, analyzing routine and complex data, and providing relevant and targeted intelligence to solve problems. Quality of care is the cornerstone of the Carolinas HealthCare System business model, and DA² is fully aligned to support new and existing initiatives to improve quality.

Population Health: Provide predictive analytics, using the full range of data available, to positively impact patient and community health. This is achieved by proactively delivering preventive healthcare services and interventions in the areas of readmission, patient compliance with evidence-based guidelines and enhanced care delivery models.

Performance Metrics: Develop reliable, actionable leading indicators for clinical and non-clinical operational performance metrics. DA² applies advanced techniques and tools to the analysis of patient and health information, challenging status quo uses of information and raising the collective analytics IQ in healthcare. DA² capabilities are advancing the System’s ability to perform cutting edge analytics and make vast amounts of data easier to digest across the board.