“The Center for Reproductive Medicine at CMC Women’s Institute has not only blessed me with the opportunity to practice my vocation but also with the most precious gift – a family. The care and support I received from the team allowed me to focus on my duties as an egg donor coordinator, while dreaming of the role I had visualized my whole life- becoming a mother.”
- Joanna McCall

In the NIC of time: Watch this amazing story of a family's journey through a high risk pregnancy (6:15)

women's services patient testimonial video
Betsey Smith shares her story about how CHS helped her on the journey of starting a family.
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“The nurses are your biggest cheerleaders, and the doctors are your rock which helps you through to the next steps. Whenever I see my girls smile and giggle, every shot, test and office visit suddenly becomes a part of the story of how our family was created. There are no words to express my gratitude for the doctors and staff at CMC Center for Reproductive Medicine.” -Melissa Harrison

"Thank you, CMC Women's Institute,
for my beautiful family" -Melissa Harrison