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Charlotte Fetal Care Center

Charlotte Fetal Care Center teamIn high-risk pregnancies where fetal surgery or other highly specialized care is needed, Charlotte Fetal Care Center is here to help ensure the health of both mother and baby. One of the few comprehensive fetal care programs in the region, Charlotte Fetal Care Center is dedicated to improving outcomes for high-risk pregnancies and enhancing long-term quality of life for every baby we treat. We evaluate, diagnose and treat, if necessary, a mother and baby together and return them to the care of their own physician as quickly as possible. 

Our Center was specifically designed by doctors, nurses and patients to provide the latest technologies and offer a warm, comforting environment to meet the individual needs of our patients.

High Risk Maternity Care and Consultation Service

Women with a history of a complicated pregnancy or women who are currently experiencing medical complications in pregnancy can receive ongoing care and management through our program. Our team of Maternal and Fetal Medicine (MFM) staff will work closely with your physician to monitor your health and the health of your baby. We are available for consultation if you or your physician have questions concerning how best to care for you during your pregnancy. We also have a partnership with many of the pediatric and neonatal physicians such as cardiologists, urologists and surgeons who may be involved in the care of your baby after birth.

Genetic Counseling

Our MFM team has sevenf board-certified Genetic Counselors who have clinical training and experience in medical genetics and counseling. Genetic Counselors are uniquely qualified to review and interpret family histories, provide information regarding genetic or inherited conditions, provide risk assessments for birth defects (such as a heart defect) and genetic conditions (such as cystic fibrosis), discuss testing or treatment options, help decision-making in an unbiased manner, and provide crisis counseling when needed.  Genetic Counselors work as part of a team and are also available for private consultation if you or your doctor has questions concerning your personal or family medical history.

Gestational Diabetes

Our physicians and certified diabetes educators are here to help you manage your diabetes for the duration of your pregnancy. We offer classes and individual appointments to help educate you on the full spectrum of diabetes care. Call 704-446-2320 for more information.

Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis

At the Women's Institute, we offer several different options for screening and testing for various conditions during your pregnancy. You may meet with a Genetic Counselor who will discuss your screening/testing options with you. Our goal is to provide you the best, most up to date information available so that you may be able to make the best decision and to assist you in deciding what testing, if any, is best for you and your family. You will find our staff to be helpful and supportive as you decide on what testing/screening is best for you. All tests are optional and you will not be pressured to participate in any of the offered screening or diagnostic testing.


There are many reasons for a woman to have an ultrasound during pregnancy.  In many cases, ultrasound is done for routine reasons such as to confirm the due date of the pregnancy, measure the amount of amniotic fluid or determine if twins are present. In other cases, ultrasound may be done if you are at risk for complications due to age, health conditions, exposure to chemicals or family history. Ultrasound can check the growth of a fetus by measuring the head, abdomen and limbs as well as performing umbilical artery Doppler studies. If an ultrasound performed at your obstetrician's office indicates a potential problem is present; you may be referred to our center for a more detailed ultrasound.