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The Maternity Center at Carolinas HealthCare System University offers state-of-the-art facilities and a Level III Special Care Neonatal Nursery with full-time neonatology staffing.

Long known for outstanding patient care, our maternity center has expanded into advanced facilities where you will find the latest innovations in safety, technology and family-friendly conveniences. From the layout of the center to the philosophy of the maternity staff, everything is geared to establishing and supporting close family units.

*Recognized by JD Power and Associates for "Outstanding Patient Experience"

Family-Friendly Suites

Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum all take place in one thoughtfully designed suite. These private, spacious suites are built around the needs of your family. The Maternity Center at Carolinas HealthCare System University offers family-centered care, allowing mothers and babies to remain in the same room throughout their stay.

Through our newly adopted Progressive Level of Care, infants with increased needs can remain with you to receive special care instead of going to a progressive nursery or the Special Care Neonatal Nursery. This encourages immediate bonding for the entire family - mother, father, siblings and other family members.

Each suite has a TV/DVD and CD player to help you relax or pass the time, a rocking chair and large, private bathroom. We have included a daybed for dad or a guest and an Internet connection so you can see and share those first precious moments.

Our staff provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which you and your family can gently bond and learn to care for your new baby. While your baby may stay with you the entire time, our caring and experienced nursing staff will be close by to answer your questions and give you the support and help you need.

Special Care Neonatal Nursery

For premature infants or newborns needing special care immediately after birth, we offer a Level III Neonatal Care Unit (NCU). The NCU works cooperatively with the Maternity Center to provide comprehensive, 24-hour care. Our NCU staff includes neonatologists, registered nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners who offer the latest technology in a warm and supportive environment.JD Power and Associates award 

Our NCU can provide extra assistance for babies born as early as 28 weeks. Should even more specialized care be required, transport to the Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery at Carolinas Medical Center is available. This nursery, which is the largest in the Carolinas, treats newborns who arrive critically ill and require the attention of a pediatric specialist or surgeon.

Infant Security

As a new parent, the safety and security of your baby may be one of your biggest concerns. Our infant security system delivers a high level of safety, continuously monitoring your baby's location throughout your stay. Security is further enhanced by restricted access into the department, including the nursery, closed-circuit TV cameras strategically placed throughout the facility, and patient and family education.

Extraordinary Care

Your care is a team effort. This team includes your obstetrician, pediatrician, labor/delivery nurse, anesthesiologist if needed, lactation consultants and various hospital staff. It also can include a neonatologist and neonatal nurse practitioner if your baby arrives prematurely or requires special care.

Our maternity center nurses have the training, experience and wisdom to provide the kind of one-on-one care and support you will want when it's time to have your baby. Their confidence and compassion will help you have the most fulfilling birth experience possible. Many women who have their first babies here return for subsequent births precisely because of the excellent care they receive.

Anesthesiology Coverage

For the comfort and peace-of-mind of our expectant mothers, we provide around-the-clock anesthesiology coverage. This coverage allows a patient to receive an epidural at any time of day, under the guidance of her physician.

Lactation Support

Our caring, experienced lactation consultants will help breastfeeding mothers get off to a good start, providing the support, education and encouragement needed to ensure a healthy baby and a happy mom. We also offer outpatient lactation appointments and breast pump rental services for your convenience. For mothers wishing to nourish their babies in this most natural way, we are committed to your success.

Choosing an Obstetrician

Having your baby at our maternity center requires that you choose a physician who is part of an affiliated practice. The physicians at Eastover-University OB/GYN and Greater Carolinas Women's Center offer the kind of training, experience and friendly, supportive care you need in an obstetrician.

An additional benefit to choosing one of these physicians is that they deliver exclusively at Carolinas HealthCare System University. For a referral to a physician in one of these practices, call our Baby Line at 704-863-5858.

If You're Expecting, We're Expecting You!

We sincerely want you to have a wonderful birth experience. To that end, we invite you to become more familiar with our facilities and services by taking a tour and talking with our staff. To register for a class, arrange a tour or find a physician, call 704-863-5858.

If You'd Like to Pre-Register

To pre-register for your delivery, call 704-512-7000 or speak to a maternity education coordinator when you attend your maternity classes.