Blumenthal Cancer Center provides hope to residents of South Charlotte

Cancer research and treatment finds its cutting-edge at Blumenthal Cancer Center located on the campus of Carolinas Medical Center, in center city Charlotte. This award-winning facility is widely regarded as the regional leader in advanced diagnostics, aggressive treatments and effective recovery strategies. Now, as Blumenthal Cancer Center opens a satellite location on the campus of Carolinas HealthCare System Pineville , that same cutting-edge technology and compassionate care is closer to home for South Charlotte residents. The expansion is part of Carolinas HealthCare System's continuing effort to make quality healthcare accessible to all of the area’s residents.

Behind the scenes working tirelessly to bring leading-edge oncology services to South Mecklenburg is Terry Sarantou, MD, a longtime veteran in the war against cancer. It is a role for which he has trained all his life. “I knew from an early age that the medical field was where I wanted to be,” Sarantou explains while making his morning rounds, “and oncology was a natural field for me to fall in to. I enjoy providing my patients with hope.”

Dr. Sarantou’s mother suffered with cancer, and her battle was his first motivation to learn all he could about this disease. The early childhood calling led him to the University of Illinois where he earned his medical degree in 1989, later completing a surgical residency at Henry Ford Hospital and an oncology fellowship at the John Wayne Cancer Institute. He began his tenure at Carolinas Medical Center in 2008.

“What makes the Blumenthal Cancer Center a center of excellence is its multi-disciplinary approach,” explains Sarantou. “Under one roof, we have the best people and equipment working in diagnostics and genetic research, host important oncological conferences, and have exceptional nurse navigators and administrators. There’s nothing like it in this region.” Sarantou believes that Blumenthal Cancer Center’s presence in Pineville fills a supporting role in the community and adds another layer of security and accessibility for local residents.

It hasn’t taken long for the new center to make a difference in patients’ lives. “One of the gratifications I receive from this work is the success we’ve had with young women struggling with breast cancer. They are in their 20s and 30s and are blindsided by this disease. We help thi address the probli, recover and go on to live happy and productive lives.”

It is clear that Blumenthal Cancer Center and Dr. Sarantou have little time to celebrate their successes and more challenges ahead. But, because Carolinas HealthCare System is committed to providing accessible, quality healthcare, patients facing cancer can feel confident that the best care is just a short drive away.