The Cardiovascular Intermediate Care Unit (CVICU) at Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast in Concord, NC is a 15-bed unit that provides compassionate care to patients with uncomplicated post-cardiac surgeries, uncomplicated post-cardiac intervention procedures, and Progressive Coronary Care Unit overflow if needed.

24-Hour Monitoring

Cardiovascular Intermediate Care specializes in caring for patients requiring cardiac monitoring by telemetry. Nurses monitor a patient's heart rhythm, interpret and document the readings, and take appropriate measures for patient care. Nurses administer appropriate medical interventions including medicines and postoperative care. They monitor patients 24 hours a day.

Board-certified Physicians

The CVIMC is staffed by residency trained and board-certified physicians, board-certified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. All of our nursing staff is certified registered nurses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, while many hold Critical Care Registered Nurse credentials.

Continuing Education

CVIMC also provides ongoing educational material and counseling regarding cardiac disease, medications and postoperative care throughout the patient's hospital say and prior to the patient's discharge from the care of CVIMC nursing staff. Continuing education is provided on the patient's diagnosis and medications; available resources are registered pharmacists, nutritionists, case managers, medical-social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and respiratory therapists. Services and programs offered include cardiac rehabilitation, the health and fitness center, the QuitSmart smoking cessation program, and home health services.