What is Robotic Surgery?

Since it was first introduced more than a decade ago, da Vinci® System has been adopted worldwide in a range of specialties starting with cardiac and general surgery and progressing through urology, pediatric, gynecology, colorectal and head and neck surgery.

Today, complex conditions can be treated using advanced techniques with da Vinci surgery. This approach uses a technology that provides your surgeon better vision, more precision and increased control. It requires only a few small incisions, so you can get back to your life faster - without the usual recovery following major surgery.

With da Vinci surgery, our physicians offer advanced treatment with results that are equal to or better than traditional methods of surgery with greater benefits.

Conventional open surgery has long been considered the standard of care for a wide range of complex conditions. While effective, conventional open surgery usually means significant trauma - including pain and blood loss - followed by weeks of recovery. By combining the effectiveness of open surgery with a minimally invasive approach, da Vinci surgery can offer you the most value.