The following college courses are required as a part of the Mercy School of Nursing curriculum:

English Composition 3 credits
Microbiology (with lab) 3-4 credits
Human Growth & Development 3 credits
Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

Students must complete eight semester hours of Anatomy and Physiology I and II (with lab) prior to admission. Because of summer course availability, English Composition is required prior to summer enrollment. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit for course work is accepted. Mercy School of Nursing accepts credit earned by an Advanced Placement Program score of three or higher.

In order to transfer previous college credit, the applicant must submit an official transcript from an accredited college or university showing a C or higher on equivalent required courses. Courses in anatomy and physiology and microbiology (with lab) must be completed within the past seven years. Other credits have no time limit.

For a complete listing of courses, download the 2014-15 Course Catalog (PDF). Install a free copy of Adobe Reader to view.