CMC-Mercy's Hip and Knee Center is one of the nation's best!

When Richard Shipman learned he would need a hip resurfacing procedure earlier this year, he admits to feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed. "I've been blessed with good health and never had an extended hospital stay prior to this," says Richard. Consulting closely with orthopaedic surgeon John Masonis, MD, and the Hip and Knee Center staff at Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy, Richard says he was impressed with the patient-focused care and comprehensive team approach. "In terms of my initial expectations, CMC-Mercy reversed all my misconceptions."

Award-winning care at CMC-Mercy

CMC-Mercy has received two Gold Seals of Approval by The Joint Commission for its total hip and knee replacement programs. Dr. Masonis says this dual certification speaks to the quality of care hip and knee replacement patients can expect at CMC-Mercy. "Research proves that surgeons and hospitals specializing in a particular procedure have statistically better outcomes," says Dr. Masonis. "And their patients have lower complication rates."

Richard was impressed by the constant communication among the hospital staff who were in charge of his care. "From cross-checking data prior to giving medication, to discussing my status with each shift change, there was such reassuring professionalism at a time when I really needed it most."

Experience that counts

The Hip and Knee Center's eight board-certified surgeons specialize in total joint replacement. Collectively, they perform more than 3,500 total hip and knee replacements annually as well as more than 600 hip and knee revision procedures.

Subspecialists have extensive experience with simple and complex joint surgery. "Specialists care for patients who have a variety of conditions including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, congenital conformity and other diseases that restrict an adult patient's active lifestyle," Dr. Masonis adds.

Physicians use the most recent scientific breakthroughs in joint replacement surgery. Many have been recognized for contributions to outstanding scientific research and for helping develop implants and surgical techniques. Spencer Lilly, president of CMC-Mercy, explains that recognition from The Joint Commission demonstrates "compliance with guidelines that ensure patient care activities are safe, current and of the highest quality."

Positive results

"The goal is providing the best possible outcomes for patients and to stay on top of evolving techniques and innovations that help alleviate patients' pain-whether from arthritis or other hip and knee conditions," Dr. Masonis adds.

Richard is now focused on returning to a more active lifestyle. "What I'll remember most is that CMC-Mercy's Hip and Knee Center staff cared about me, not just as a patient, but as a person."

Overcome the pain!
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