Since 1998, the McKay Urology Research Department has hired a recent Davidson College graduate for the Davidson Research Scholar Program. Typically, the Davidson research scholar graduates in the spring, joins the research lab for one year and then continues to medical school the following year. Research scholars work directly with Chris Teigland, MD in the McKay Urology clinic, and with Laura Glasscock, Ph.D. in the basic science research laboratory. To date, all Davidson graduates participating in the Davidson Research Scholar Program have gone on to medical school.

Davidson graduates who fill this position gain valuable experience on two levels. First, the research scholar gains clinical experience assisting Dr. Teigland in activities such as chart review, biopsies and tissue procurement during surgery. In addition, the research scholar gains experience in the basic science laboratory by assisting in laboratory experiments focusing on the molecular mechanisms that cause prostate cancer. During their year with McKay Urology, Davidson research scholars also attend conferences and seminars related to urology and other clinical and basic research topics. The clinical and basic science research experiences of our Davidson research scholars provide an invaluable head start in their academic medical careers.