After You Leave the Hospital

Before your loved one can be discharged from a CMC facility, we must have the final results of all their radiology studies, lab tests and the recommendations of any consulting physicians.

There are several things you or your loved one can do to help us plan your discharge from the hospital:

  • Confirm with your nurse the approximate time of discharge to arrange a ride home.
  • Provide your case manager with information regarding your insurance, home situation, family support available and any equipment you may already have. This will allow us to better coordinate your discharge needs.
  • Discuss your plan of care with the trauma service physicians or advanced practitioners to ensure you understand all aspects of your care upon discharge from the hospital.
  • Review your discharge instructions with your nurse for guidance regarding home and follow-up care. If you are not clear about your instructions, ask your nurse questions before you leave the hospital.

The following providers may be involved in your follow-up care. Please check with your nurse to verify the information as it pertains to your situation.

Morehead Medical Plaza, 704-355-5982
Myers Park, 704-446-1340

Myers Park, 704-446-1255

Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine, 704-376-1605

Plastic Surgery
Myers Park, 704-355-1255