Carolinas HealthCare System


All Charlotte Medical Clinic physicians provide inpatient care at Carolinas Medical Center —our preferred hospital. The Blythe Boulevard office is located across the street from Carolinas Medical Center on the fifth floor of Medical Center Plaza. Some subspecialty physicians provide consultative and procedural services at Carolinas HealthCare System Pineville.


Medical Center Plaza Appointments

  • Call 704-355-5100 for:
    • Internal medicine
    • Endocrinology
    • Dermatology
    • Sports medicine
    • Bone densitometry testing
  • Call 704-355-5375 for pulmonary and sleep medicine
  • Call 704-355-8850 for gastroenterology

Arboretum Appointments

  • Call 704-542-2543

Mint Hill Appointments

  • Call 704-863-9500

When calling, please advise who you wish to see and the reason for the visit. Any information you give to any member of our staff is held in strictest confidence. If you are currently a patient and would like to schedule an appointment online, please choose "Make an Appointment," in the menu.

Physicians typically provide special availability for patients with acute (sudden) illness. Such "sick" visits allow patients to be seen sooner than patients who need routine care. If your physician is away from the office or has a full schedule, you are welcome to see another physician or physician extender who has an available appointment. Your primary physician will receive information about your visit from his/her partners. Nurses are available to assist you and the appointment desk in determining the appropriate provider and time if you have questions.

What to Bring

Bring your insurance card and any necessary insurance authorization numbers with you to each visit. Bring pertinent information from previous testing or visits with other physicians. If your physician referred you to one of our physicians, call your physician's office well in advance of your visit to Charlotte Medical Clinic and ask if he/she has sent records to us. If you have had X-rays, CT scans, etc. which pertain to your visit, call the facility where they were done and ask to pick them up in advance of your appointment.

Bring all medications in their original bottles to each visit. This helps your doctor know exactly which medications you are taking, reduces the possibility of medication interaction chance you will run out of medication or have to call back for a prescription refill.

CMC Rx Pharmacy

With various locations in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas to serve you, our highly-trained pharmacists work with your physicians to coordinate your prescription needs. We offer a wide selection of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines, special medication orders and pediatric medication flavorings. And for your convenience, we offer home delivery.

With our pharmacy conveniently located in the same building as your physician, your trip home is made even easier. Ask your physician to send your prescription to CMC Rx and take the hassle out of stopping somewhere else on your way home.

From the healthcare provider you trust, the pharmacy you choose. For more information, please contact the CMC Rx nearest you.